But what we stand for is....

I Want the Truth is run by a staff of Normal People with Old School Values. Some are Christians, some are not even religious. We are founded in Canada but have contributors from all over the world.

We believe in HUMAN rights. These are rights we were all born with. They are not some rights granted by any government. We have rights over our own bodies. The right to chose what (if any) medical treatment we put into our bodies. We can choose what we wear, who we associate with. We have freedom of Speech, Expression, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Movement, Freedom to vote in a democratic society, Freedom to live where we chose. These, amongst others, are HUMAN rights and they are written into our Constitution, therefore they become law, the highest law in the land. 

Without such rights, we are nothing more than any suppressed communist country like China or Afghanistan. Those who love communism should simply move there. Those who don't like communism should be allowed to move to a free, democratic part of the world. We would not move to China and force them to become Capitalists and they must not force communism on our Capitalist Countries, Canada and US.

Our forefathers fought and many died in defence of our God Given Freedoms. In the 40s of the allies didn't join forces to stop the Nazis, we'd all be hailing Hitler and his ways today. Today the threat is much worse. A global cabal is trying to take over the world, kill most off and use the rest as slaves. We're against that. Many involved are already being tried for Treason and Genocide in accordance with the Nuremberg Code. At the time of this writing, none yet have been convicted. If law fails us, God help us all.

What we do have a problem with is when groups want to push agendas that hurt or oppress others (including animals).

Children should not be permitted to take drugs without parental consent, the same as they cannot get a drivers licence at 12. Same reason they cannot buy liquor or cigarettes. Why should they be permitted to take unknown experimental drugs at 12 (and getting younger too)

Same as those who promote "love is love at any age". That's just FUCKED UP MAN. They are Children for fuck sakes and we are all staunchly protective of them. That's why they are not permitted by law to make such decisions. 

As Adults, we must protect children and anyone who needs protecting.

So as long as your "consenting adult decisions" don't affect anyone else in a derogatory way, then we can all play nice. 

Don't start fights but end them

Don't attack but defend