WHAT!? All Laws and By-Laws Invalid!?

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As Promised, “You can NEVER EVER satisfy the narcissist. Give them a finger, they will want the arm….”
remember when it used to be federal borders that were shut down? ya, well now it’s provincial.
remember when they would let you shop without a mask? Ya well now, even though there’s THIS….


Many stores are no longer honoring it. (see DENIED)

But it’s not just “bylaws” being canceled by cancel culture, it’s the LAW OF THE LANDS! In Canada that’s the Canadian Bill of RIghts. In US it’s the Constitution.

The Canadian Bill of Rights

1 It is hereby recognized and declared that in Canada there have existed and shall continue to exist without discrimination by reason of race, national origin, colour, religion or sex, the following human rights and fundamental freedoms, namely,

(a) the right of the individual to life, liberty, security of the person and enjoyment of property, and the right not to be deprived thereof except by due process of law;

(b) the right of the individual to equality before the law and the protection of the law;

(c) freedom of religion;

(d) freedom of speech;

(e) freedom of assembly and association; and

(f) freedom of the press.

you can study this further here but you can see at first glance that every one of our top Civil Rights have been contravened.

If you are in the US, read the Amendments of the US Constitution here There are 27 Amendments but here are some highlights, (abbreviated)

1st Amendment: Right to religion, Free Speech, Right to peaceful assembly

2nd Amendment: “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed”

4th Amendment: People’s rights against searches and seizures without warrant

6th Amendment: Rights to a lawyer

8th Amendment is against Cruel and Unusual Punishment – Like the put a Pastor (in Canada) in MAXIMUM SECURITY PRISON for OPENING HIS CHURCH which is also against the 1st amendment) Or how they treat people like Terrorists today for not wearing a medical device (mask) which is forced against their will.

~ the Python tightens a bit more each time ~

Who the fuck is he to tell the world – “PEOPLE ACT LIKE THEY HAVE A CHOICE. “YOU DON’T HAVE A CHOICE”. is he a Doctor? NO. Is he a Scientist? NO. Is he an elected official? NO. Is he a rich asshole? YES! I wouldn’t even buy a computer off this with all thier spyware and tracking shit yet people are literally putting thier LIVES in HIS HANDS!? WTF!?

And this Nazi (really! his father was a Nazi) I feel like I have to keep reiterating this. This is how these poeple think.


You see folks, you think this will just blow over but it WILL NOT. Until YOU and I do something about it.

I spoke to the Durham Region Health Dept. The lady was not able to give me an answer as to why store policies override durham region bylaws. I kept (keep) at her, calling her EVERY DAY for an answer last week but NO RESPONSE! I left her voice mail asking if all the bylaws are invalid now since stores can simply make up whatever policy they want.

Hence we are all now 1%ers.

Welcome to the world of the Outlaw.

There is no law, therefore we’re now all 1%ers

Next it will be you can’t shop unless you have 2 masks then it will be 3 masks

Then it will be “oh you need to show proof of vaccine” which I’ve been telling you from the start COVID19 = CERTIFICATE OF VACCINATION ID and 19 represents the 1st and 9th letters which are AI which = Artificial Intelligence which is where they are going with humanity and y’all thought this was some sort of conspiracy now didn’t you?

IF YOU CONSENT! So many just roll over and say Here’s my arm, inject me with whatever the fuck you feel is nesseary even though I don’t have a clue as to what you are sticking in my arm.

Concerned Ontario Doctors


if you’re still on facebook, watch how doctors explain the flawed testing (sent to me from a friend. I haven’t been on fb in about a year now)

“Definition of a CASE changed in Ontario in August 2020. If a person is swabbed numerous times and comes back “positive” EACH TIME is noted as a “CASE”

They cycle the machines way more than Dr Mulis (creator of PCR) says “not more than 14 times” but PCR is being cycled over 30 times.

PCR cannot even tell if you are sick or not. It’s simply a tool for amplifying results. It’s NOT a “YES or NO” test such as a pregnancy test.

3rdly, since they demand you wear a mask over the nose AND mouth, they believe “the virus” can live in your mouth then right? Like you can spit the virus right? So why don’t they just swab the mouth? Why would they rather opt to dangerously stick a stick up your nose into your brain membrane?

Our basic fundamental HUMAN freedoms are being taken away from us based on fake, flawed testing.


They can ALSO arrest you FOR WEARING A MASK!

That’s right! Bill C-309 says you can be JAILED for up to TEN YEARS for “wearing a disguise in a public place!”

This video is about Civil Rights

Biden wanting your guns, Trudeau wants to take your guns. Whether you are for or against guns, you should watch this. JP pokes fun at the hypocrisy. @6 min. JP  points out “Third Party INDEPENDENT Fact Checkers” are funded by facebook (same as the THIRD PARTY INDEPENDENT WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION is funded by Gates Foundation)

Rebel news

You can’t even have an opinion!

Like the election was fraudulent (or flatulent) or the virus is fake or nothing more than a flu, you get kicked off leftist sites like facebook, twitter, insta, Linkedin etc.

Remember Klause? “You will OWN NOTHING AND BE HAPPY!” You can’t even have an OPINION!

Read about blood clots from “vaccines” on our News page

On our Videos page….

  • See how they use fake needles to get you to take the needle
  • See how they are splicing genes to make things NOT OF THIS WORLD and STICKING THOSE GENES IN YOUR VEINS BECAUSE YOU AGREED TO IT! 
  • Watch COMMIE LEFTISTS say how “Trump Supporters” need to be put in CAMPS! Not just Hillary Clinton, but LOTS of them and they are SERIOUS! –
  • Watch how the left thinks CHILDREN are OF THE STATE! NOT OF THEIR PARENTS!
  • One archived footage shows a COMMIE saying how MILLIONS should be KILLED! 
  • FEMA Employee warns of FINAL DEPOPULATION! 

Still think this is about the flu? Really!? 

These are not measures against the flu, THESE ARE MEASURES USED IN NAZI GERMANY AND COMMIE CHINA!
If you’ve been following our website, you will know that POLICE IN CHINA ARREST PEOPLE FOR “ILLEGAL” EATING AND DRINKING! 

After all that’s been going on, what makes you think that can’t happen here? TrueDough is a commie. Biden is a commie. CCP is in control. Why should anyone else be immune to this treatment?

Oh yes your Graciousness!

I will stay at home to save myself and others from the deadly flu virus which has been killing 2 million people a year for longer than humans have been keeping records!

I will take your drugs, even though the flu has had a vaccine for at least 75 years yet it still kills 2 million per year, not stopping deaths OR “transmission” but here’s my arm.

Youtube owned by google facebook owns instagram, whatsapp,Linkedin, Twitter, all leftists all only allow their own narrative I advise everyone to get off them asap. Lots of other uncensored medias here

What happens if we all just STOP THIS INSANITY!?


Listen to Chris above. He’s got some great points. He talks about vaccines, which they are nothing more than “experimental treatments” but unless they call them “vaccines” they cannot push them under the “Emergency Measures Act (formerly WAR measures act) and more. Probably Youtube will ban this video. If its taken down check his new website on a private server realchrissky.com which cannot be deplatformed so far. It’s a great speech. This is Chris who they sent 30 cruisers, over 50 cops to try to arrest him AT HIS HOME for not wearing a mask. This is Chris who is now on a NO FLY LIST like some TERRORIST where as Omar Kotar who actually IS a convicted terrorists, gets to FLY, gets 10.5 million from TrueDough (our tax money) gets speaking engagements too.

If we just keep agreeing to whatever they say, it will keep getting worse. Look at the federal boarders… Now it’s PROVINCIAL borders!

Please wake up! This will not go away until the majority of us JUST SAY NO! Go to the Saturday meetings. There’s one in every major town and city, noon, town square, every saturday. Stop wearing those stupid masks and for GOD Sakes, DO NOT take EXPERIMENTAL DRUGS!

Maybe it takes civil war to get our freedom back. Maybe it will be WORLD WAR but nothing is worse than living under tyrannic communist New World Order. Why should we be immune to civil or world war? Our forefathers faught, many died for the freedoms we (once) knew. Now it’s our turn. It might be too late for us, but we must think of future generations the same way our forefathers did for us. War is not pretty but personally, I’d MUCH rather die on my feet than kneel to commie faggot satanists who promote pedophilia.

Fuck Nazis, Communism, Pedophiles and Satanists


Please come out to the rallies. It’s like Church for me now since real church is closed. Meet normal people! (not “New Normal People”) Hear their stories. We are HUMAN! We need contact! We NEED to see people’s faces! You’ve seen the EXPERIMENTS they’ve done on monkeys when they TAKE THEIR CHILDREN AWAY FROM THEM right? This is the SICKEST POSSIBLE FORM OF TORTURE!

Yes, they actaully put a pastor in MAXIMUM SECURITY PRISON for keeping his Church open. Cops took over the church, put a fence around it and guard it 24/7 now.

I told you people before, if you keep giving them what they want, they will keep demanding more. In UK they are already labeling “unvaccinated” with yellow tags, trying to shame them into taking the drugs. Other parts of the world they are issuing “vaccine Passports” which resemble the Jewish yellow stars Jews were made to wear in Nazi Germany. Nazis tagged Jews with yellow tags to tell others that they were dirty, and sick and diseased. They would check and spray their hair for lice, even though they didn not have lice, just to make them look sick to others and to justify thier actions. Next of course, they made them “take showers” and we all know how that turned out.

“Vaccine Passports” as I’ve said from the start COVID 19 is NOT a virus! It’s a plan which stands for = CERTIFICATE OF VACCINATION ID and 19 represents the 1st and 9th letters which are AI which = Artificial Intelligence which is the means of which they will track, trace and control everyone once vaccinated with the nanobots. All a conspiracy right?

Don’t let this happen poeple. This is why we must fight now before it gets worse, before it ends up in civil or world war.

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