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October 14, 2021 admin No comments exist

Seem to be all coming together for the Satanists. This post is unbelievable even to me who made the post! Watch and see if you can see how it all fits together.

October 12, 2021 admin No comments exist

— Drs find New Life Form in “vaccines”

–Connections between Gates, Fauci, Soros, Epstein, Moderna and more

— Many fainting and dying from the jab

— Federal inquiry into CDC falsifying information

October 9, 2021 admin No comments exist

the only thing killing people are the experimental drugs aka vaccines.
Why is it so important for the “government” to get these drugs into every last person on earth? Where were they during every flu season that kills 2 million people per year? Where where they during SARS, TB, Avian Flu Swine Flu, Why didn’t the Ebola cross the boarder? C’mon man, you can’t possibly still believe the mainstream bullshit can you?

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Security and Privacy is no longer just to avoid annoying advertisers. Today it’s necessary like breathing and it will only get more nesseary as time goes on, so you best be on top of your game to defend yourself against such daliy intrusion.

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This first video is so Brilliant, we added it to our Front Page Must watch! Just watch the first 12 minutes, see if that grabs you. It’s a 2hr documentary. Watch in several sittings, but watch it. Ontario Opposition wants even more strict rules for “Vaccine passport” 6 months ago a “vaccine passport” was a…

September 25, 2021 admin No comments exist

They just keep raisin the bar! 14 days, wear a symbol of your complacency, stay at home, just take these experimental drugs.. then it was rubber bullets and tear gas on unarmed citizens, today they brought out the first armored vehicle against the citizens. Meanwhile the have been busy building the COVEY CAMPS. What do you think tomorrow will bring? You see? Your complacency gets you nowhere.