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Now kids, let’s hear from REAL Tales from the CRYPT! 

A woman was sleeping when here ceiling fan started SPRAYING HUMAN BLOOD AND OTHER BODY FLUIDS ALL OVER HER AND HER APARTMENT! The Neighbour in the above apartment died of natural causes and had been DECOMPOSING for a WEEK! Blood and other fluids soaked through his carpet through the floor onto her where it was distributed all over her apartment and even on her by the ceiling fan! Talk about when the shit hits the fan! 

and people are still worried about catching the cold!?


We make these posts to make you THINK.

If all this “conspiracy” was just that, “conspiracy” then why would the LEFT be working so hard at censoring it? A normal person would think (should think) that peosophila is wrong and would want to to anything to help save helpless children, elderly, and animals.

Parler has been pulled down several times now.

Pulled off Apple servers, pulled off Amazon, pulled off Google “play store”. Candice Owen’s husband is now CEO, trying to keep it running.

Apple is trying to shut down telegram too. do this to stop it.

It is our hope that they will help poeple to question where all this is coming from. Is it really “For Your Safety”

as the government would have you believe? or is it coming from evil intention?

face book pulls groups that fight against pedophila 

this is “hate speech” according to Facebook…

this is what these FREAK SHOWS are pushing to “NORMALIZE”

I will not participate in this satanic FREAK show no matter what cost! 

above is a very popular picture of the Pime Minister of CANADA hangin with his FREAK SHOW buddies. YET when a friend posts it on FACEBOOK, he gets banned….

do these peeple look NORMAL to you?

why is it always the LEFT? why do they all LOOK the same? like FREAKS?


and anti DRUG USE groups



and now fascist book pulled a Pro Israel page with over 75 million followers.


Micheal Obama…

I chose not to participate in this satanic faggotry 

Above faggot, which was born a man, wants to inject children in school with hormone blockers. Health Secretary of United States of AMERICA under CCP Puppet Biden.
…here’s another that was born a man…


Does this make me a “homophobe”? no. Im a PEDPOHILEAPHOBE and a SATANISTAPHOBE if I need a “LABEL”
my label is NORMAL.
I don’t want FREAKS like this around my kids or anyone else’s kids!

freak show!

And it’s ALWAYS the LEFT! And its NOT EVEN POLITICAL! It’s GOOD VS EVIL! That’s where it comes from! But for some reason the LEFT seems to gravitate to to this SICKNESS. I think it stems from the hierarchy of values.

And here’s the thing, WE HAVE NOTHING AGAINST GAYS! If they are consenting adults and not HURTING ANYONE ELSE, then knock yourself out! If the reader can’t see the differnce between what we are posting here, and gays, then you need to do more homework. This is QUEER shit here man and by queer, I mean wrong not gay. Does that make sense?

Google Docs Changes Auto-Correct Algorithm To Be More ‘Inclusive’


Furthermore, all this talk about inclusivity is a bunch of CRAP! Small fringe groups use it, they MILK it to DEATH to get their way! To get SPECIAL RIGHTS. How is that “inclusivity” when you have to be a black, gay immigrant to get a job in Canada? THAT my friends is SEGREGATION NOT INCLUSIVITY!


If this was all just about a virus, why would there be there are THOUSANDS of lawyers suing governments, police boards, school boards around the world?


Why does EVERYTHING associated with this “movement” point to 666?

Lets persecute Christian priests while installing Satanism and Normalizing Pedophila in schools!

Magnetic Injections?

Why are magnets sticking to injection sites on people?

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