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Our goal is to inform, educate and remind people of their rights as citizens and humans. To empower them to stand up against the anarchy taking place in our world today. No being should live in fear.

We bring you news from all fronts, legal, moral, ethical that you won't see on main stream media. 

Freedom is essential. Freedom is a basic human right. We also encourage people to share these freedoms with animals. 

Animals were hear millions of years before humans. It's more their world than ours. Animals have been oppressed by humans as humans are starting to understand now. If you are interested to learn more about how you can further help animals, please see click here.

All beings we share this earth with are entitled to the same freedoms as we humans (once) enjoyed. Women, children, men of all backgrounds, animals, insects everything. We are all comprised of the same atoms.

The Strong must Protect the Weak. It's easy to kill, take, break down but true integrity builds up, adds value. Just because we are stronger, doesn't mean we should kill. We must help where we can. We must fix things. Whatever is put before us, whether that is a person an animal, a situation, an inanimate object, we are stewards of the earth. It's our duty. We must protect the code and educate the younger generation of their word, their bonds, their values. We must have integrity and strong values that empower. We must ask ourselves, does it hurt others or strengthen them? Does is add value or just take?