Hot Wheels!

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Hot Wheels!

these cars suffer from “STC” — Spontaneous Tesla Combustion!

Fox News was talking about AOC wanting everyone to drive electric cars saying it’s good for the environment.

Not long ago some states had BANNED Tesla from setting up shop in their states because they called it “unfair practices” siting that they sell cars directly from the “factory” not though a “dealer” Thats already hypocrisy enough BUT….

Let’s examine a few facts here before we get into the Spontaneous Tesla Combustion

EV’s do have some advantages but the disadvantages seem to outnumber the advantages;

The good news

  • is that there are far less moving parts
  • there is no water cooling system
  • no exhaust system
  • very little oil, maybe only for lubrication of bearings but nothing like a gas motor

Bad news

  • if you run out of power, your done for the night. CAA can’t bring you a can of electricity. The car needs to be towed (flatbedded) to a charging station (God knows where) you are getting a hotel room, likely some hookers so it’s gonna be an expensive night lol, unlike when the gas car runs out, you can refill in a matter of minutes.
  • People don’t realize that when they sell their gas car or trade it for an electric, that gas car will still be out there burning same gas as before so there is no savings of carbon emissions. Even if the trade is ready for the wreckers, they part it out re-selling the motors and other components so they go back out there still burning gas. Some are scrapped but most are parted out.
  • What happens when the batteries are too old to hold a charge? Landfill. I’ve heard new batteries for a tesla are like 20-30k. This is why most just lease them for 3 years, then lease another one so its not their problem but again we have a car at 3 years, near end of life, at least end of battery life. Buying anything new is contributing “stuff” (see “story of stuff” original version). This scenario adds to Klaus Schwab’s position “you will own nothing and be happy” since most will just lease the electrics or any new car for that matter.
  • you know how your phone has “find my phone” feature? uses GPS to find your lost phone.. there is also a “lock my phone” feature.. this is obviously on electric cars… maybe most new cars now too which means police (or “government”) can locate you at all times and just shut down your car if they want to.
  • You can see from this post that they are dangerous. This comes from the lithium ion batteries, same as used in cell phones. You know how hot they can get right? and the old school batteries are too heavy and take up too much space.

As far as “emission savings, if the energy to charge the batteries comes from coal or other fossil fuel burning plants or nuclear for which we have no way of dealing with the spent fuel from them, at least carbon is recycled back to oxygen by trees. What happens with the spent radiated water from nuclear power plants? They are put in land fill where they are guaranteed to stay for at least 300 years however the radioactive water remains radioactive for many 1000s of years. Then they have their meltdowns too right like Fukushima, Chernoble, 3 mile island and on and on but thats getting off topic.

Now onto the HOT STUFF!

fire firefighters firemen flame
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Nov 2 2021 Tesla Explodes in Traffic, Blows Car IN HALF!

Wrecking other cars nearby too.




Moscow Russia

A driverless Tesla crashed in Texas, killing 2 passengers and burning for hours

Parked Teslas Keep Catching on Fire Randomly, And There’s No Recall In Sight


this article show a LIST of such cases yet there is no recall!? 


Watch as these Tesla cars & batteries catch on fire and explode!

bad enough your car catches fire but what if its parked in your garage?

Musk vows mass Tesla server outage won’t happen again

Nov 20 2021, apparent a “glitch in the system” blocked at least 500 owners from accessing their cars.. So the cars have to be attached to a server… Why do you think Hillary used her own private servers!? Im tellin yu man! The LEAST amount of ties with outside fuckers who YOU DON’T KNOW, the better! 

  • See how easy it would be for someone to hack your car? Have it tracked, shut down, whatever?
  • Bad enough your car catches fire but what if its parked in your garage? 
  • Above video, they put the fire out but the car STARTS BACK ON FIRE! Fucking possessed! Sum kinda bad voodoo magic mun! 
  • well hey, at least the gas tank can’t catch on fire right? lol
  • Trojan Horse, you think you are getting a gift, doing something good for the environment. Bring it into your garage and while your sleeping it spontaneously combusts. Maybe this is Leon’s plan or whatever his name is.
  • So much for saving the environment, Telsla fires cause global warming, all those plastics and other toxins being burned into the environment?
  • I won’t even PARK near these things anymore!
must be a car-spiracy right?

There’s way more man! Just search Tesla’s burning or blowing up. Pro Tip. Don’t use Google

Personally, I wish the electric car concept would work. It sounds good on paper. You drive around in a quiet vehicle that doesn’t burn gas. Simple right? But since this is “I WANT THE TRUTH” site, we have to look at the electric car concept without emotion. For the above reasons, I’m out.

A Better Alternative

Motorcycles are way better on gas and 99% of the time, there’s less than 2 people in a car. Bikes can get 1-2 people around pretty well. Ok, in cold climates they are only good 6 months of the year but that’s only in cold climates. What about the rest of the world? Yes, sometimes you need to take more people or carry more stuff or pull trailers etc. Im just sayin that bikes would take a big chunk out of overall gas consumption. Even a bike that is bad on gas is 3-4x as good as a car.

oh but bikes are dangerous! Have you see the above videos about the teslas blowing up?

Look, even if 1% of the vehicular traffic was converted to bikes, that would be huge on a global scale.

Plus they take up less space on the road, not as subject to traffic jams, means less time on the road, less gas burning time. They take up less parking as well and well hey, they’re fun!

4 wheels moves the body, 2 wheels moves the soul right?

Conversely 1974 Car Runs on Water!

Suppressed by Oil Companies

Inventor dies under mysterious circumstances

Another Car-spiracy

A man flies to Europe rents a Jetta because thats the car he uses here at home. Runs the Jetta all over Europe which averages 80+MPG!

Comes home, tells the dealer where he bought his Jetta, “there’s something wrong with my car”

Dealer whats that?

Guy says I only get 20-30MPG in my jetta. The same car in Europe was getting 80+MPG

Dealer, “thats because that’s a European model”

guy “whats the difference?”

Dealer “different motor”

guy: well I want that motor!

Dealer, “can’t have it. It was only made for European markets!”

You see our gas cars can do much better. Buying a new electric does absolutely nothing to help the environment and only adds another car to the already congested roads. Adds more “STUFF” to the world which is against “recycle, reuse, repurpose”

I remember reading in the Guiness Book of records some 20-30 years ago that the record distance for traveling on one gallon of gas was over 5,000 miles. That was some 30 years ago. I have no idea what the record is today. Granted this was a specialized bicycle-like car but tell me we can’t do better than 20-30 MPG!? really?

911 Turbo used in Bad Boys movie is up for auction! Gorgeous car!


911 turbo from Bad Boys movie
911 turbo from Bad Boys movie

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