Helpful Links to other Freedom Fighter Groups

You will find links to Groups, Individuals and uncensored Social Media from around the world that you will not see on mainstream media. You can see here that this is a global uprising against the tyranny of the infamous NWO of which NONE of us had a say in the matter.

Conservatives in Canada are really no longer conservative! Since Bill Gates lectured world leaders last summer, our "conservatives in Canada have gone mad. They are now supporting CCP. They've completely flipped. Please see the "questionnaire" that Doug Ford has put out to the people of Ontario. Right out of the CCP textbooks!
This is why the People's party was established in 2019. It's relatively new but has some heavy hitters who defected from the Conservative party. PPC is headed by Max Bernier and now Randy Hiller and Peter Sloan have jumped on board. Their platform is truly conservative.


The Realist Party Of Canada


Police around the world are starting to recognise that this is bullshit. Some have formed groups and stand with the people. Police did not sign up to issue parking tickets or remove citizens from the beach!


Police for Freedom To honour our Oath to uphold the Constitution of Canada


Cops for Covid TRUTH


Police Standing with the People


Doctors and Nurses from Around the World Standing Up

World Doctors Alliance

An independent non-profit alliance of doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals and staff around the world who have united in the wake of the Covid-19 response chapter to share experiences with a view to ending all lockdowns and related damaging measures and to re-establish universal health determinants of psychological and physical wellbeing for all humanity.


America's Front Line Doctors


Canadian Front Line Nurses


Scientists Against Lockdowns Oct 07 2020

More than 7,000 top scientists and doctors have signed a declaration calling for politicians to reconsider their entire approach to Covid, and to adopt a herd immunity strategy. Why didn’t this happen seven months ago?

In its first few days, almost 3,000 medical and public health scientists, over 4,000 medical practitioners, and an astonishing 65,000 members of the public have added their names to a backlash against government state-sanctioned Covid restrictions. If you wish to sign yourself, you can do so here.

Lawyers against Tyranny

When we started this list in 2019, there were a few. Today in 2021, there are now 1000's around the world fighting NWO tyranny. Can't possibly list them all.


Rocco Galati

Canadian Constitutional Lawyer. Executive Director (Founder)-- Constitutional Rights Centre Inc. (CRC), founded November, 2004.

twitter @roccogalatilaw


Dr Reiner Fuellmich

Top Trial Lawyer Germany and California and he's also a Doctor!

lots of articles on him List of things you can do right now to help make this stop.


Vegans Choice Motorcycle Club A motorcycle club dedicated to the preservation of both human and animal rights. Original chapter based in Ontario Canada


Conservative Biker Alliance - Bikers for Freedom

Vaccine Choice Canada

Ontario Parents Standing Up


On The Road To Find Out

Lots of great info, very religious if you like that.


Health Impact News

Feb 13 2021 1170 dead (record)

from CDC website 

Doctors from around the world warn NOT to take the "vaccine"


People's Rights Group based in Texas with contact for groups in your area


Hugs Over Masks Canadian Civil Rights Group


The Line Canada United For a Common Cause. Resist oppression and tyranny.



Fantastic Site -- all the news you will not see on main stream media

Lots of info here


Technocracy News (website)

Technocracy is a replacement economic system for Capitalism and Free Enterprise. Technocracy is the Trojan Horse of Socialism/Communism. Learn more about Technocracy here.(video)


Much Ado About Corona

check the site!


Health Freedom Ireland


Do It With Dignity- supporting no masks (Normalcy)


Free Canada lots of great info here.


There is NO Pandemic pdf flyer


Stand Up Canada


Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms


Stop World Control


Fake Pandemic




Peggy Hill

Spot on, Straight Shooter, a pleasure to listen to from California


Laura Lee Waldorf

Nutritionist, Herbalist, BP-Myotherapist


Dr Andrew Kaufman


Tom Woods


Gemma O'Doherty

Investigative Journalist, Documentary Filmmaker


Kelly Brogan MD


Brandy Vaughan's site

Sad story. If you haven't heard of Brandy, she was a Merck Pharmaceutical Executive who realised what she was selling then started the preach the truth in conferences around the world. Look her up, we ahve videos on our site about how she was tormented for months in her home in California before she was FOUND DEAD by her then 9 year old son. Brandy was a fit 45 year old.


Vernon Coleman; how many have the "vaccines" killed already?


More death by "the cure"

Uncensored Social Media

and Video Platforms



Social Media / Uncensored sharing platforms


Here's a PDF sent to us with lots of links. Some may be duplicates of above but it's a great list. Have a look.

Canuck Law -- Lots more links here...

Yet another LIST of Links....

Watch this page! They just keep comin as more and more people start to rise up!