Meet your Health Officials

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Most people follow “mainstream news”

MOST people want to be “in that number”

MOST people want to be “in the MAJORITY” that’s why most people are, well, “predictable”. Not that there’s anything wrong with being like that but understand where that path leads you.

Meet Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. He is an Ethiopian biologist who has served since 2017 as Director-General of the World Health Organization. Tedros is the first non-physician and first African in the role.

Tedros trying to score in a gay bar

Maggie DeBlock, Minister of Health Denmark (think she’s stepped down now) Not making fun of her because she’s fat but she needs to concentrate on her own health issues before preaching to others IMO.

Dude doesn’t know if he’s male or female.

Health Secretary Rachel Levine, an American pediatrician who served as Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Health from 2017 to 2021. She is a professor of pediatrics and psychiatry! Don’t worry, you’re in good hands!

Chief Public Health Officer of “Canada” Teresa Tam. He / She was born in Hong Kong and served on the World Health Organization (WHO)

Some say she was born a man. Look it up.

Billionaire Bill Gates

He’s not a doctor, not a scientist, not a lawyer, not an elected official, he even admitted he was not that good of a programer. He just knew how to put the right people in the right places at the time. Now hes just a rich guy who funds the WHO which means Theo above is “on his payroll” so they have to so as he says.

Cops pull people off beaches, stop kids from tobogganing on a hill, arrest poeple for not wearing masks, pull poeple out of their own homes, beat protesters and say they are just following orders. They claim the orders come from “Health Officials”. These are your “Health officials” giving these orders.

Research the Nuremberg Trials. That was their excuse too “We were just following orders”

Klaus Schwab head of World Economic Forum

klaus schwab
Klaus on vacation

Canadian Leader Justine Truedough

Although not a “health official” (or even a leader) he’s considered Klaus’s boy so he does what Klaus wants.

Justine loves to play dressup!

Ya man, this is who you are taking your orders from. Good luck with that!

Trudeau reading to children wearing a skirt
Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau
Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau
Justin Trudeau
queers trying to legalize pedophilia

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