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RIP president John Magufuli ~ Oct 29 1959 ~ March 17 2021

This video leaves you with a short film (9 minutes) produced in 2016 and released in 2017 called (get this)


If you want to skip forward to the film, it is @21:08…..

Here is the movies IMDB page.


Set in the near future, “Vaccine AG19” explores a world in which the government has developed a new vaccine for an unknown virus that all citizens are forced to take. Soon after the vaccine is distributed, the human race becomes nearly extinct. Two characters meet by what they describe as fate, realize their purpose, and decide to fight back against the government that tried to kill them.—Robbi Stevens


If they can control the weather, what makes you think they can’t control you?
To what end? Watch the video. Max explains.

Remember 6 months ago, maybe a year ago when all this was a conspiracy? 

  • Police controlled states, “Martial Law”
    • Folks, please realise that the “Emergency Measures Act” was formed only to assist in cases of emergency. It was never intended to be used as overall law like it is now. Now Martial Law is like “the New Normal”. Where have we heard that before?
  • mandated vaccines
  • house arrest for 14 days, THAT WAS OVER A YEAR AGO!
  • covey camps like concentration camps
  • the right to fresh air
  • the right to show your face in public

Is there anyone out there that still believes this is about a killer virus? What more evidence do you need?

In this video you will also see how John Magufuli, President of Tanzania has “died” at 61.

president john magufuli
president john magufuli

President Magufuli took a hard position on corruption. He was one of the first who first pointed out that they tested Fruits, Goats, Motor Oil, Clean swabs, all came back positive. So they killed him (allegedly) and INSERTED a MUSLIM woman “HASSAN” as President of Tanzania!

She was nowhere NEAR winning a government position let alone the Vice Presidency! There were at least half a dozen better MPs vying for the position yet SHE was CATAPULTED into “Vice President’s chair”. Then they killed the president!

and guess what!?




Yep, here she is folks on the WEF. Not makin this shit up.

Ya, remember? If you have been following this website, you already know that the “Forum” meets annually in Davos Switzerland to discuss how “their world” is coming along and future plans for the peasants.

WEF is headed by Klaus Schwab, yep, he actaully grew up in Nazi Germany. That’s his background. Naziism. Total control. As I’ve pointed out before he has clearly stated;



the statement of the “WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM” is;


Anyone who still thinks this is about a virus, PLEASE STEP FORWARD.

My Grim Prediction:

EXACTLY THE SAME WILL HAPPEN IN US. SOMETHING WILL “HAPPEN” TO BIDEN AND THE MUSLIM WOMAN WILL BE PRESIDENT OF THE “UNITED SECTOR” (there will be no more countries, only sectors. ONE government run by satanic pedophiles with puppets to look over the various sectors.

but hey, this is all just conspiracy right? I’m actually selling Tin Hats on another website lol.

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