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Klaus Schwab wants to turn you into a TRANNY!

Well he calls it “Transhuman” ya whatever Klaus



In case you missed the memo, Klaus Schwab is the Founder and Director of the World Economic Forum where rich folks meet to decide the fate of the rest of the humans on “their earth”.

Klaus is the son of a Nazi. Hitler tried to kill off everyone else and keep only the Aryan Race but went at is with visible violence.

Klaus claims the next obvious step is to have humans attached wirelessly to the 5G network and with controllable nanobots injected into thier bodies, humans will be at the mercy of “AI” Artificial Intelligence. The Centralized machine would keep all remaining (500 million) humans left on earth in check. Hence the plan “COVID19” — Certificate Of Vaccination ID and 19 representing A and I which are the 1st and 9th letters which represent “Artificial Intelligence”

“AI” will know where everyone is, how their social score is and if necessary, slaves will be able to be shut down without a shot being fired simply by turning their nanobots against them. Maybe telling the bots to colagulate together causing blood clots which “drop” the humans without “noticeable violence”. There would be no need for jails because once the show people how it works, everyone (who is injected) will be nice boys and girls living in fear of being “shut down”. Laws will not apply because those taking the injections will not have human DNA anymore. They will be some sort of “hybrid” which is PATENT by the Satanists running the system. Hybrids have no rights.

Isn’t it ironic that AI will know if you’ve been bad or good and the driver behind all this is Klaus, “Santa Klaus”? or Satan Klaus?

In his defense, he’s not the only tranny pushing for this. There are probably a few 100 Satan worshipers at the top of the pyramid running the rest. 


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