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June 11, 2021 admin No comments exist

Folks, this just keeps getting worse and as I’ve said from the start, THIS DOESN’T GO AWAY UNTIL WE THE PEOPLE SAY SO”If that means civil or world war, then it must be because there’s no other way. Let me ask you; “have the Experimental DNA altering chemicals SAVED ANYONE!?” Nobody can answer this because nobody can prove there’s even such…

February 4, 2021 admin No comments exist

https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/facebook-bans-second-amendment-explanation? Fl. Governor Ron DeSantis proposes fining Big Tech if they deplatform political candidates https://rumble.com/vdjci1-desantis-announces-big-techs-worst-nightmare-in-response-to-censorship-of-c.html? Leftists Are Openly Mocking Free Speech As A “Right-wing Fetish” Facebook bans Bible passages Jan 25 2021, Seems fine for them to allow pages promoting Pedophila but Bible passages get banned? Lots of other uncensored social media out there folks….

January 15, 2021 admin No comments exist

Jan 12 2021 Big Tech Cleans House! and JUST WHO THE FUCK ARE BIG TECH!? JUST RICH SCUM WHO WANT TO RULE THE WORLD NOTHING MORE! If not for their “money” they would be nothing. They banned Trump’s fascistbook page, tweeter and instagram (all leftist) Took down Parler!? CEO says “we’ll be back” Google, fascistbook,…