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We need to first quash the word “Conspiracy” because there is no moving forward with this word. If we can’t get past this, there is no future since the mind is closed for business.

May 30, 2021 admin 1 comment

Writing this post to show the legal defenses going on against this tyranny with the hopes that people who still believe this is about “your health” will start to see that; If this were a real pandemic why would there be lawyers from all over the world fighting against it? Our entire society since ancient…

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This is unreal. You have to watch it to see how things really are. You are a “product”. Learn how YOU are listed on the STOCK EXCHANGE! Is this all semantics?“if you put an S in front of WORDS you get Swords and that’s what words are.”You are lucky to have come across this video…

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In this post, Michael Yeadon former vice president of Pfizer
-Microbiologist Dr. Bhakdi
-Nurse reads grave warning letter from Pfizer Scientist – “3 years is a generous estimate”
-Eight ways the RNA / DNA Experimental Drugs can KILL YOU ~ Dr Tenpenny

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I start this post with this song because it’s about the children. Many are saying “I’m too old I don’t care what happens to me now”. It’s not about you or I anymore. It’s about the future of humanity. What the world needs now is STRENGTH and BRAVERY NOT “Compliance and Obedience” So much of…

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NO WE CANNOT STAND ON THE SIDELINES WHILE NWO KILLS EVERYONE! Consider this TOUGH LOVE. NOBODY WANTS TO HEAR IT BUT YOU HAVE TO! I know Jess personally. Looks like she’s opened a spa in Bowmanville but NOT for LONG! COPS TOOK HER DOWN for MEDITATING! She was forced to SELL HER HOME to KEEP her BUSINESS! NOW…