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July 07 2021

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Predictions from the 7th century

These next few videos were prophesied by 7th century prophets. it should be noted the the admins of this website are not Muslim not even terribly religious at all but it's interesting that in so many different religions and so many different cultures, they ALL seem to say the same thing... and it's not pretty. You will see in this video about the Arc of the Covenant, which was portrayed in Indiana Jones movies. How can it be in eastern cultures as well as western? We've broken the videos down for you with some highlights but it's best to just watch them. Why? Best to be prepared in any case, psychically, mentally and spiritually. 

Prophet says about the end of time. Honestly sounds hokey at the beginning, things like "women will enter the workforce"... keep in mind this was predicted in the 7th century and it gets really deep 1/2 way through. It's worth a look.
  • woman will be clothed but not clothed (dressed sexy)
  • woman will enter workforce
  • will not have children until later in life
  • abundance of food that is not blessed
  • rich will get richer with no benefit to the poor
  • decoration of mosques will become a competition
  • men will start to look like woman and women look like men
  • end of times will be marked when same sex marriage is allowed
  • @10 min shows how births of children to unwed couples were 5% in 1960, is 41% in  
births vs marriage
  • talks about obesity
  • acid rain
  • airplanes, all these things were prophesied  
  • communications but no family communication
  • depression
  • @16 min he talks about "the great war" and "99 out of every 100 will die". He says this is "only possible with weapons of mass destruction"
  • he talks about Pike, whom you can learn more about in the book New World Order. Pike was 33degree Mason, also head of KKK, a Satanist and apparently a Prophet too! 
Interesting that even the Muslims and their prophets were talking about the Masons, Illuminati, Antichrist etc same as we know in the western world. They even talk about the Arc of the Covenant - this is interesting.
and they said that a Satanic Temple will be built in Babylon and TODAY there is such temple being built.
@28 min, the coins are being made today depicting the temple!


Dajjal is "Deception" in English.

It's worse than lying. It's basically brainwashing. Have a look.

These videos have woken me up even more. You can see by these that we are not Christian / Muslim / Buddhist etc. We are PEOPLE and what this is that we are witnessing in the world today is Good VS Evil.

Muslims call this Dajjal, Deception. Mix truth with lies to make it near impossible to tell them apart "There will be no bigger "trial" before the Dajjal can come. The one eyed liar."

Mag Bitter Truth

Willy Wonka condescending

M'hmm, M'hmm... In this video, Mag criticizes people who have willingly stepped forth and taken Experimental Drugs. Now they and their loved ones are damaged for LIFE and yet they cry. It was their choice to do so. It's sad, the damage that is done but it's comical how Mag sits there and agrees with them. 

BrockO'Bama tweet from May 17 proves George Floyd killing was premeditated

Apparently BrockO'Bama "predicted" George Floyd's death. This was done to promote division among people, get them fighting among themselves, pointing fingers. As we learned from above, this is the era of Deception (Dajjal in Arabic).


They're still talkin politics. People have to realise, this is a war of good and evil, simple as that. Until poeple realize that all these "rules" are coming down from the top of the pyramid, they will keep thinking it's about votes and politics. Votes have nothing to do with. Biden was installed in his position by CCP and True Dough is held in his position by CCP. This is why US had to get rid of Trump since he put sanctions on China.

In Canada, if you've been following, a month ago the majority of MPs and MPPS in Canada all agreed that what was going on in China was GENOCIDE. China shot back saying "you have done the same thing in your own backyard trying to convert Indigenous people to "Canadian culture" in the "Residential schools" Trudeau (a commie himself) and his cabinet decided to "Abstain from voting" that this was genocide in the UN. However when it came time to vote, the majority of Canada MP and MPPs said "no its no genocide" and they were praised by the Chinese. So they went from a hard position, "Yes it's Genocide" to "No it's not within 30 days. Canadians are passive and will and are already being taken over by communism (NWO communism, which is far worse).

In the video below you will see that many major brands are now commies.. Let me rephrase, "New World Order". But how does this make any sense? These major brands made thier billions by being Capitalists, the far other end of the spectrum from Communism. You see in NWO, they want ONE government, One religion. The few rich people will be at the top of the pyramid and the rest will be slaves. THAT is "their type of "communism". They model after the Chinese Communist system giving credit scores to thier slaves. If you are a good little boy or girl you are rewarded but if you are bad, your credits are taken away (and you could be imprisoned and /or killed). Look how the commie system in China works now. You have children doing slave labour, that's how they make things and sell them for more, bringing China up from a 3rd world country in just 30 years to world's #1 producer of CHEAP CRAP. Why do you think Trump imposed sanctions on them? 

The "top of the pyramid" are also Satan worshipers. Ya, it's conspiracy right? No it's not. WAKE UP!