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There will be a Zoom Meeting tonight Friday April 23 2021, 8pm EST with hosts lawyer Nirmala Armstrong and paralegal Jane Scharf. This meeting will discuss your legal rights which are being stripped away more and more each day.

  • Learn what your rights are in terms of entering stores without muzzles
  • Do I need to take experimental drugs never before tested on humans?
  • What about my right to freedom and movement?
  • What about my right to AIR?

I’m sure lots of questions will come up like this. It’s FREE session and NO PASSWORD is required. Details below.

Wow. Look what we’ve come to. We used to look forward to Friday and Saturday nights going to Deesko Parties



​Now look what we do on Friday evenings…



if first one doesn’t’ work try this…



As always

Please come out and attend the FREEDOM Meetings in EVERY City, EVERY Saturday, high noon! They run for 4hrs Typically some speakers, then they walk around town. I usually just hang around for the speakers. Made my own speech last Saturday. Hear from people just like you and what they are doing. I’ll be at the Whitby meeting tomorrow at Rossland and Garden on the lawn of the Durham Region Headquarters building. 
Ive tried talking to “government officials”. A week ago stores would allow you to shop without a muzzle according to this Durham Region Document but now government run stores like the beer store will not serve you without a muzzle in spite of this “bylaw”
The bylaw officer was not willing (OR ABLE) to answer my question 

“Are store policies now higher than “bylaws”?

Which means all bylaws are quashed, worthless, hold no water, which means if you break any bylaw, you cannot be charged same as stores can now simply make up any “policies” they want and they are NOT affected by bylaws.

2 weeks ago, I had no problem shopping without a muzzle according to this Durham Region Document but now government run stores like the beer store will not serve you without a muzzle in spite of this “bylaw”

I asked Durham Region bylaw…..

So for the record, you will be removing this from your website then right? “


and to be clear, all bylaws now are quashed as we can make up our own “policies” as long as allow some sort of alternative arrangement for those affected? Am I right? For example, if I want to have loud parties every night, contrary to the “noise bylaw” I can do so, so long as I provide alternatives to those affected like telling my neighbours they should wear earplugs or leave home every night because that’s my policy? Just an example but I want to know where we stand in Durham Region.
thanks for your help.”

We are WELL BEYOND “government” intervention folks. This is NOT GOING AWAY EVER until people like YOU and I make a stand. 

Hope you will attend the Zoom meeting and the Freedom Rallies near you.

Reminds me of the time when Saturday Night Live actaully used to be a comedy show, there was a skit they did making fun of crime in NYC. A HANDBOOK for New Yorkers with answers to questions like;

  • So, you’ve been mugged. Now what?
  • So, you’ve been stabbed. Now what?
  • So you’ve been shot. Now what?
  • So, you been doused with gasoline and set a blaze…. Now what?
  • Know your LEGAL RIGHTS!

lol, this is what it’s come to.

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